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As the telecommunication infrastructure ages, maintenance for each site is increasingly important. Our maintenance teams are equipped to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs on a variety of structure. The maintenance term can be long-term contracts or urgent one-time issues that may arise as a result of preventive maintenance.


Tower Maintenance

Site Housekeeping

Good site housekeeping not only results in a cleaner tower site, but makes it safer as well. Site housekeeping is crucial to ensure safety environment. It can help prevent injuries as well as make a good first impression on visitors.

Technical Support

Our support services provide proactive, reactive, onsite and remote support for tower infrastructure. Our local partnerships can help you simplify support management by streamlining multiple contracts to deliver quality support through a single point of contact.

Preventive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance  enables asset-intensive organisations to apply maintenance strategies while minimising the cost of maintenance management. We focuses to identify and manage equipment reliability risks, that could adversely affect business operations, to make more efficient and dependable

Security on demand

Security and property protection. You can count on us to provides reliable, effective and affordable security services for all tower site to meet your security requirements.

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