what we do

We build connections

PINS undertakes various roles and responsibilities to serve and assist the telecommunication industry.

  • Identify strategic locations to implement wireless infrastructure.
  • Maximise the utilisation of state-based land and diversify state based income through land rental. 
  • Design and develop aesthetic wireless infrastructure that blends with the environment through camouflaging techniques.
  •  Provide up-to-date standard operating procedure (SOP) to assist Telcos in their submissions to local authorities
  • Assist Telcos in structure safety audit program as stipulated within provision for site approval and renewal
  • Assist MCMC in giving objective talks about telecommunication infrastructure and equipment radiation
  •  Participate in MCMC development programs for under-served area (USP) to ensure data penetration

Our Core Business

tower construction

PINS highly experienced in all aspects of construction within the wireless industry. Our expertise spotlights self-performance of civil work and in house tower crews which are two of the most recognized foundations of our turnkey solution.


Effective maintenance is critical to the success of any communications network. Choosing a reliable partner with the knowledge and visibility into the complications of safeguarding all the components of your system is of utmost importance. Our maintenance teams provide the foundation required to keep every aspect of your network operating at the speed of wireless.


ONE STOP AGENCY (OSA) where PINS acts as a coordinating body serving the planning, implementation between local council, land owner, state agency, telecommunication provider and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure in PERAK.

One industry, One innovative solution to fulfil your requirements